Is there a replacement for the AOPEN 1648/AAP?


I wasn’t sure if this post belonged here or in the dvd burning area but here made more sense since it’s not a burner. I was wondering if there is or was a current replacement for the Aopen 1648/AAP dvd-rom drive? I think my drive is starting to go after many years. It reboots my system or simply stops extracting dvd’s at a certain point. I have tried the discs in my burner and it goes thru fine. My guess is the drive is just dying now. Anyway, if there is a replacement for this drive or any other suggestions for a fix or a different dvd-rom drive that is as good as this drive once was it would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

IDE drives are always available as well as makes and models. Check for the best prices for dvd burners. You should just upgrade to a combo drive as you will get the best of all worlds to reading and writing different media. For under 30 dollars and free shipping you can be on your way to a new drive in no time.

I managed to get the Aopen working for the time being. I do worry one day it will stop working though. The thing is I know a combo burner or simply getting another burner is pretty cheap these days but this Aopen drive was pretty fast when ripping/extracting. My dvd burner is considerably slower making the whole process way more inconvenient. I take it most drives and burners still have riplock on it preventing them from ripping at full speed though I understand this is simply a matter of changing firmware on the drive itself. It was just nice you didn’t need to do this with the Aopen. Either way sooner or later I will have to start looking into what’s one of the faster drives, be it dvd-rom or burner, for ripping.

There are several burners that do fast ripping. Search the forum.


I was going to reinstall my Aopen 1648 aap pro back into my burning computer - but found out - after testing the reading/ripping against the current crop of readers/writers (LiteOn 20A4H; Samsung 202G; Pioneer 115D) that the fastest reader/ripper was the LiteOn - AND you get the disc quality testing too. So now my burning computer is the LiteOn 20A4H doin’ the read/rip/quality test and the Pioneer 115D doing a really outstanding job of burning the discs-eh!!