Is there a reason to eject a cd immediately after burning?

Well…this may be a silly question but is there any reason for the burning proggies like i.e nero to eject the cd after a burn…?
And why is the option listed under “expert options” ?

It helps to keep the disc from catching fire. It’s a rare occurance but a hazzard nonetheless…Bahaahahaha…gotcha!

It makes no difference. Just convenience.

maybe they assume youre backing up data and think you wont need the cd in the drive and will be storing it somewhere else.


even if youre backing up a game or something, maybe they figure that your burner isnt the cd drive you use primarily.

but for me, the cd ejecting after burning is convenient because after i burn, i like to label it. i guess i could always label the cd afterwards, but what if i get a coaster?! :rolleyes: :eek:

that doesnt happen often, but i guess the cd would be incorrectly labeled from the time i put it in the burner to the time it finishes burning. hows that for some philosophical thought on correctly labeling a cd? :bigsmile:

Originally posted by stretcharmstron
It helps to keep the disc from catching fire. It’s a rare occurance but a hazzard nonetheless.

yes, this is true also. :o

ones you’ve burned a cd the pc can’t read the toc yet.
It has to eject and when you put the cd back in, windows is abble to read the toc.

So you have to eject the cd when the writing is finished anyway before you can read it.

Recorders need to clear their buffer memory after a burn. For some recorders, ejection is the only way to clear the buffer memory.

With these burners, if the disc is not ejected and the buffer not cleared, it may interfere with recognition and reading of the disc immediately after the burn.

Its not an issue nowdays, just convenient as you say - but back in the old days on my 2x writer I never bothered to stick around and wait for the burn to finish and leaving the tray open more than necessary seemed like a bad thats why I wondered…