Is there a PTP DVD DL burner on the market now?

Is there a PTP DVD DL burner on the market now? I’ve read that most of the problems with burning DL PS2 games are because the DVD DL burners we have are OTP. Is there a PTP burner out there? Or is there a way to mod certain burners to burn PTP? As I understand (I might be wrong), PTP burns both layer at the same time. OTP burns the first layer and come back to burn the second layer. So is there a DVD DL burner that can burn PTP now? (or in the near future) Thanks.

If you’ve problems with ps2 backups, you can use as an alternative the duallayer patcher
or buyin a new modchip which supports dvd-9!

Both PTP and OTP burn only one layer at a time. The difference is PTP layers both record from the inside to the outside of the disc. On OTP the first layer is burned from the inside to the outside and the second layer is burned from the outside to the inside of the disc.

I already got GT4, so I don’t need to burn a DL game like right now, but I’m going to buy another DL DVD burner soon to replace my single layer burner, so is there a PTP compatible burner on the market? Thanks for the replies.

There will never be to my knowledge. This is because the discs are manufactured with a groove, this is in OTP. PTP not developed yet, and not favourable for movies because it causes problems in layer change, so i dun think so.

Is there anything physically different about a PTP burner and the DL DVD burner in the market now? If it’s just software or programming difference, there should be a mod come out sooner or later to make a normal burner burn PTP. Thanks for the info.

PTP = tracks parallel
OTP = tracks in opposite directions

The current DL discs are manufactured with OTP grooves and the drives firmwares currently writing with OTP. You cannot write PTP on and OTP disc, which all DLs are (to my knowledge). I don;t think an PTP disc will ever come out, just too hard to make a PTP without having writing problems.