Is there a PSX ISO editing software that does THIS:

I would like to remove some of the files from the Playstation 1 CUE/BIN image that I made from my Metal Slug X disc. I want to do that so that I can make the image smaller so it can fit on the memory card of my Pocket PC for the use with the emulator. The files I want to delete are the ‘art galery’ files which are not important for the actual game.

There are BIN editing utilities, like UltraISO that allow me to delete files from the image, and then save it (saved image does become smaller), but in that case, image does not remain bootable on the emulator for some reason. I guess that’s because PS1 assumes certain file layout on the CD (or in this case the image) to boot properly, and when I delete files and re-save image that layout is lost.

So I’m thinking, the only utility that would help would be something that would let me edit files directly on the image, so that I can replace whatever content of the file is with zeros or some other repeating character. That way the resulting image would compress much better and that would make it small enough to fit on the memory card. Is there an editor like that, which would allow me to edit files directly, or to extract files and put them back at the exact same position in the image where they’ve been?

The other thing that might help would be a software that could take a folder with all the files extracted from the original image and build a new image that would be bootable on modded PSX (which is exactly how the emulator behaves - it can boot any backed-up game, just like modded PSX) When I try to make an image from the extracted files, using the regular CD burning software like CDRWin, the resulting image is not bootable although all the files from the original image are there (minus those unnecessary ones that I deleted)

There are 2 or 3 possible reasons I can think of why it doesn’t work.

  1. It checks File/Folder structure.
  2. It checks File/Folder size.
  3. It checks Total size.

If #1 is the case, this might be a solution:

  1. Extract the files you want to delete.
  2. Make a bunch of txt files.
  3. Rename the txt files to the files you extracted.
  4. Add the files to the BIN/ISO file.

If #2 or #3 is the case it’s gonna be alot harder, I know some executables check file size, even if the file is a single bit larger or smaller it won’t work anymore.
Don’t ask me how to do that as I don’t know, all I can do is change some text in programs with a Hex editor, to change the program itself you’ll probably need to know some programming like C++.

  1. It checks File/Folder structure.
  2. It checks File/Folder size.
  3. It checks Total size.

I thought about that too. However, I’ve noticed that if I just open original BIN file using Ultra ISO and then ‘save as…’ in the same BIN format, under a different name without even changing anything, the newly saved BIN image becomes non-bootable! That makes me think there’s something in the PSX disc layout that must be preserved in order for it to be bootable.