Is there a "proper" way of converting SVCD to DVD?

Don’t wanna use that “SVCD2DVD” tool, cos that only patches the file[s] to “kid” the DVD player into thinking its playing a real DVD movie.
I wanna demux the SVCD file, convert the audio to AC3 [besweet for that job] and convert the video to proper DVD.

I suppose Tmpeg can demux, but that tool has the “lip-synch” stigma attached to it :frowning:
Is there a decent guide about anywhere?


hey ?

you wouldnt happen to have that svcd2dvdmpg+ would you ?

i have looked everywhere for it and cant find it…

im trying to convert svcd 2 dvd//

but the svcd is 3cd`s i was told this program will auther it on a dvd so you can play it in standalones.

if you have the + svcd2dvdmpg any version will do let me know through pm ok.

and the name of the movie is matrix :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry i cant help you but if i find a guide ill let ya know or if you find one let me now it has to be a easy one hehe…

well only the + version has authering capabilitys so thats the one i need if you have it pm me oki :slight_smile:

Thats the tool I was on about in my post. It only patches the SVCD to “fool” the DVD player into thinking its a proper DVD.

I really wanna do a proper conversion.

I did have the link for it, but lost it after I re-installed last week.

dam well i can get the svcd2dvdmpg 1.1 but its not the + version.

all it will do is demux the mpg files. and patch em. problem is it wont author them

i realy need as much help as you need lol

im totaly new to this stuff only got my dvdr pioneer ao5 3 days ago and i wanna put my svcds on my dvdrs :frowning:

You’ll find that SVCDs are the hardest format to convert from. Every other bloody format seems well catered for 'cept SVCD.

Looks like I’m gonna shove the whole lot into Canopus overnight and see what happens :wink:

I have just converted one of my SVCD’s ( a 3 disk movie) to DVDR as you say “proper” way.

A few options, you can demux each SVCD disk with MPEG2VCR, TMPGenc, M2-Edit, etc etc. Then encode to DVD specs using TMPGenc and loading in the appropriate DVD Template. You will need a MPEG2 Pluggin for TMPGenc to do this.

The way I do it is a bit sneeky. The mpg file MUST be a proper mpg, not just copied off a SVCD disk. You must use Isobuster or VCDGear or similar to convert to a TRUE mpg file. Then just re-name DISK1.mpg to VTS_01_1.VOB, Disk2.mpg to VTS_01_2.VOB, etc. Then copy a VTS_01_1.IFO file off any DVD to the folder with your re-named mpg files.

Finally just follow the DVD to DVDR Tutorial at It works for me everytime, is quick and I loose no quality from the original SVCD’s. I’m yet to have a lip sync problem as well. Worth a try.

Nice one Chickenman…very sneaky indeed :wink:

Yeah, mine were converted using VCDgear to create mpeg files!

Will give that a bash tonight…thanks for the top tip!