Is there a program which gives a readout of the true writing speed?

Is there a program that will give you a readout of the true writing speed of my PlexWriter 40/12/40A?

Because when Fireburner is writing you can’t tell what the true writing speed is and it doesn’t confirm the writing speed unlike CloneCD!


I just finished burning a cd with CloneCD(, and it appeared to tell me the actual writingspeed.

But this was with a 12x writer, if you use the same version you’re out of luck.
Why would you wanna know the writing speed at any given moment?
You own a writer that burns the first half of the cd at 20x (I think), and than starts builiding up speed untill the end when it reaches 40x(Only when you use the last minutes of the disk).
At you can get the specs on this drive… telling you exactly how when and where it burns at what speed.

I just wanna know that if I set the writing speed to say x24 that it actually is writing at x24 NOT x16. That way I could address any potential problems.

I just did a test burn with CloneCD v4.0.0.1 and it showed the speed increase during the burn! (Nice one Ollie!)

Anyone alse know of a program that can do this?


Well there’s also Nero CD Speed, that’s if you really want to find out the writing process, it’ll cost you a blank CD-R though. Also, for my Plextor 24x, the flashing of the LED tells me too, there are three speed of flashing, 16x then 20x then 24x.