Is there a program, to edit movie files?

Iv’e got a problem. I have some downloaded movies, but they are too big, for the blank cd-r’s. I don’t have a dvd burner, so I can’t use dvd-r’s, but I wanted to know If I could do something to make the file smaller? Most of the movies are 700+ mb, Is there a program that lets you split up the movie into multiple parts? Thanks in advance! :bigsmile:

Are you talking about AVI’s ? saying you have a “movie” doesnt really help anyone to help you.

Get some 90min CDR’s, then it will fit. Or use VirtualDUB/Nandub/VirtualDUBMod to cut off the trailing creds it mak it slightly smaller.

If you are talking about mpg files then you should now that a Video CD or Super Video CD has less error correction than a data CD and this allows to put 800 MB of video on a 80 min/700MB when burned as VCD or SVCD.

Many people think that the files are too big when it actually will fit one disc when burned as VCD/SVCD.