Is there a program that will pick up a string of files for burning?


I had AVI2DVD process about 10 cartoons and put each one in a new folder. When I opened DVD Decrypter to burn them to DVD, I placed the first one in que and it burned it to DVD but it didn’t pick up the rest, as AutoGK will do when converting files from vob to avi. When I que up with DVD Decrypter, it’ll only accept one at a time, but I’d like to tell it that there are a string of files that I want to put on the DVD, like when burning vcd with Nero.

Does anyone know if DVD Decrypter has the capability to pick up a string of files for burning? If not, is there a program that can do this?



The successor of Decrypter (concerning the burning engine) is ImgBurn. Maybe this works for you.
Also, Nero has a command line interface (nerocmd), maybe that would accept your string of files.