Is there a program that will analyze and fix minor problems with MP3 files?

Every once in awhile a burning program will tell me a certain MP3 file has problems (that I can’t even hear) and warn about it possibly not playing properly.

Is there a program that I can run my MP3s thru to analyze for integrity, and will then attempt to moderate or correct minor problems it detects.

well, you already know Feurio, which I guess is the program that warns you about the problems.

Those problems are corrupted frames in MP3. Some of them are audible, others not.

Remember the position of the errors and zoom the zone on the Track Editor to “visualize” the problem.

Another program that checks the errors is EncSpot.

There is no program that can recover the original data.
Maybe there are programs that can “guess” what is the lacking data, but probably doesn’t sound as it should.

You can try wave editors like Sound Forge, CoolEdit, Goldwave, and use a tool like “deglitch” to improve the sound.

Check this thread to begin:

You’d better get the original file.

thanks, Minix
I have CoolEdit and Goldwave.

I’m not familiar with which tools in them would help. Could you tell me, please?

sorry, I’ve never tried to deglitch a track…
and I don’t usually edit tracks. I guess anyone could help you better than me.

anyway, most decoders (Feurio included) will produce silence in the corrupted zones, so “deglitch” won’t work. Deglitch is used for cleaning “spikes” from the wave.

Did you zoom the affected zone?
If it’s very very small, maybe you can “invent” the wave ? I don’t think so. does a soft called Check and Convert…
it is just what you are looking for!

Ashampoo doesn’t seem any good for repairing MP3.
At least, that’s what I found when I tried it in this thread:

In fact, it detects corrupted files when they’re actually not corrupted.
They will be reencoded (losing quality) without reason.

you want a program called MP3TagStudio which was written by a guy called Magnus Brading.
You can download a freeware version here.
Apart from being the best tagger bar none, it also has MP3 problem-fixing tools.


mp3Trim is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor.
Use it to clean-up and improve your MP3 collection.

So mp3Trim parses the files looking for MPEG-audio frames and discards the rest…
you end up with an absolutely clean MP3 containing only MPEG-audio frames.
mp3Trim has a little indicator on how much space you’ll recover when saving an MP3.