Is there a program that replaces explorer.exe?

I noticed that i can close explorer.exe and my computer still runs, there just

isnt a program to handle the icons or to organize the open programs. Is there

some kind of program that replaces this and maybe has more features, like a mac

style or something? Just wondering because i know there is style XP which just

changes how the PC looks. Thanks.

Not real sure what you want but i use this

Windows will not run without explorer.exe, which is tied into Internet Explorer and virtually every single OS operation. Sounds to me like you want a different OS.

You can replace the system shell (explorer.exe) with almost any Windows program you want, even with cmd.exe. Next time you boot up XP, you will only have a Command Shell. :smiley:

There “was” quite some activity in the past, many people seemed to be unhappy with Windows Shell and tried to replace it with their own shell with somewhat similar but most often less functionality as by the saying “less is more”. But I think many of them are not being developed any further… still there are/were quite many of them and some of them actually still do get active development:

I think bb4win and its spin-offs xoblite and bblean are quite popular, but I have not tested them as I don’t have any need for a Windows Shell replacement. And btw, they’re not being developed any further.

I just change the way XP looks. I like it looking like Windows 98, and not XP cuz it looks all retarded. As for closing Explorer.exe, after you close it, go to File and New Task, then go to your folder that holds Explorer.exe (Windows Folder in your original drive that has OS installed, default is C drive), and it’ll reload your explorer.exe, if thats what you’re after.