Is There A Program That Reads Adaptec Cds From Window 98/that Is Usable On Windows Xp



I know little about computers. I had an hp/with windows 98 adaptec/direct cd burner. I have all my favorite songs saved on cdrw’s. I bought a new hp with windows xp. The error messages are telling me that adaptec/direct cd version on my disks will not work in windows xp. I went to the store and a computer guy told me that there is no program that they sell in stores which will help me. Is there a patch to this problem or is there a program out there which will now be able to read my disks?


You obviously had a early version of Adaptec software, perhaps V4.

Adaptec sold the software to Roxio a few years ago. Not a great move as the support quality dipped considerably.

Anyway Roxio Easy Media Creator with the renamed Direct CD - now DragtoDisk should work fine. Personally I’d get try to get V7 or 7.5 rather than the latest V8 and Ebay would be a good place to start.

However, you might be able to read the CD-RW disks anyway as the inbuilt XP CD writing software is based on Adaptec’s original software.