Is there a program that can shrink game DVD's



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Is there a program that will shrink game DVD’s like CloneDVD shrinks movie DVD’s. Trying to do a backup of Runaway 2 and the disk is bigger than my Verbatim 4.7 gig DVD+r. Any suggestions?

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Isn’t there any software out there that can do this? Shink game DVD’s the same way CloneDVD and DVD Shhrink shrinks movie DVD’s?


Be patient and wait for a response. This isn’t some brick and mortar store that is staffed by a bunch of employees, nor is it a staffed help desk. Just folks willing to give their time to help and share what they know. Most of us aren’t logged on 24 x 7.


There is no way to shrink a game without down sampling all the audio, video, and textures in the game. This woud defeat the purpose of playing the game. The only way you will be able to fit the game on a DVD is use Dual Layer/Double Layer DVD to record your game back on. There is no way to shrink it. DVD you can shrink because they remove all the extra audio and unneccessary extra and bonus’ in the disk with minimal video down sampling.


As MetalSlayerX has said, the short answer is NO. If you want to copy a dual layer game dvd, you’ll have to use dual layer media.