Is there a program that allowes you to save your password and display by pushing a keyboard combination?

I’m bored of having to write passwords and usernames over and over and over again in online services. So, I was thinking if there would be out there a simple program that once you’ve inputed your username and password, it would display them by pushing a keyboard combination.


username: AAA -> Alt + 1
password: ABC -> Alt + 2

If there’s any doubts, ill be here answering them :)!


I’m not sure that this is the one you are searching for but you can give it a try :slight_smile:

That software is free, opensource, and portable, i.e. no installation is required, so you can test it with no harm for your system :slight_smile:

I never use passwords any more :smiley: any time a password is needed I use my figerprint :bigsmile:
this way no one can get a hold of any passwords no how no way :cool:

I find Keepass too complicated, there has to be a simpler program out there.

I just want ten slots where you can write things and associate each one to a keyboard combination. When pushed, displayed, nothing else xD.