Is there a problem or bug with CloneDVD

The problem is if i make a backup of an original DVD, doesn’t mater which DVD it is, then i try to make a copy or a disc image of the backed up DVD for the kids using any of the software i have installed, CloneCD, Nero, Alcohol 120%, Plextools XL Pro, UltraISO and IsoBuster, there seems to be a problem reading the first backup of the DVD created with CloneDVD
When i am trying to create the second backup DVD for the kids the time taken to read the first backup of the DVD slows down to a snails pace at about 40-60% of the reading process.
The strange thing is, when i finally create the second backup DVD i can create a copy this secnd backup DVD without any slowdown in the reading process.
When i had CloneDVD installed this never happened, also there has been no changes made to my system, software or hardware apart from upgrading to CloneDVD, i am also still using the same batch of DVD media so i’m thinking it can’t be media related bacause if it was media related the second DVD backup would also be hard to read but it isn’t, i have also tried all available write speeds, slowest to the fastest.
Is anyone having the same problem and if so do they know if there is a sollution.


I’d suggest that rather than expending effort trying to figure out a solution to copying a copy, just backup from your original.

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Thanks for your advice, but CloneCD now allows you to copy DVDs and it does so quite a bit faster than having to use CloneDVD to compress the movie first or writing the data to the HDD before writing to disc, also you can copy on the fly which saves a lot of time.
I like to create a master backup for my self and a second backup for the kids to use, so if the kids distroy there backup i can create another disc for them in the least time possible with less fuss.

so why don’t you just make 2 copies right off the bat…there’s no reason to re-encode with clonedvd2.

make your first backup, use “write existing files” and point it to the temp folder to make the second back up…that’s even less processing than you’re doing your way if I udnerstand correctly.

I do create two backups when i use CloneDVD but when the kids distroy there disk it would be nice to beable to create another disc for them as fast as possible.


and you say media quality isn’t a possibility? have you tried it with other software? is it specific to clonedvd2 or does it happen with the backups using other software like say shrink or something?

The only problem is with backups created using CloneDVD, i have also tried Nero Recode, Shrink and DVD Decrypter and i don’t have a problem creating a copy of a backup created using other software.

is there any way you can try to replicate this on another system?

i’ll try to backup one of my backups in the morning…i’m too tired right now.

i’ll do a benchmark test from an original then back up that same backup and see how it goes. I’ll report back here tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your help, and yes i have another system i can test on and i will try to replicate this on the other system, and thanks again.

Sorry about this but i have just realized that our lass purchased different media and i hadn’t noticed so i tried a different media and found the problem is no longer there, so my mistake, am i dumb or what, LOL.
So there is no need to run any tests to see if you can replicate the problem.

And thanks again.

Nice info on CLONECD