Is there a Problem here?

HI Guys,

I think I might have a problem but I just dont know.
I have had my PC for about a year now, and I have never ripped any type of music with it at all. I have a 48X CDRW-DVD reader, and Nec DVD-RW 3520A Burner on the PC.

I have started to RIP music and both CDRW rom, and DVD seems to stall almost completly when ripping.

The CDs are 70 min long, they generally have about 15 tracks on them. The burners RIP GREAT on about 10-11 songs, then they just seem to stall. I have to cancel them and just burn the latter songs to finish up the dics.
The funny thing is that both burners seem to be doing this. but the CDRW-DVD reader is the one that has the most problem.

I have downloaded Nero CD-DVD speed checker software, and here are the results.

On both drivers with a CD that has 74 minutes of music on them, they both reach about 30.52 speed at the 60 minute mark, and then both just stop/stall Then drop to 5-10 speed, and seem to just stall their.

Iv tried to update the firmware for the NEC drive but that didnt help the results.

Is this typical for a 70 Min Audio CD? Is it just the lenghts of the CD’s that is causing this? Any Help would be great


I’ve never experienced any problems with full length CDs like this & if CD-DVD Speed suffers in the same way as your ripper then probably this reply might not help but you never know.

What software are you using to rip?

The best I know is Cdex, another good alternative is EAC. Both are free. I find that Cdex rips faster & the options available make it more flexible.

HI Tim,

I have tried Windows Media Player 10, Jet Audio, and Music Jukebox 10. I am just trying to rip music to an mp3 player.

I have Windows XP.
Intel 3.0 cpu
512 DDR Ram ( 400mhz)
MSI 865PE Motherboard

Iv seen a few threads on here about Bios setting for DMA tried that, I had one seeting for turning on a 32 bit for ide’s , turned that on hoping for a fix, but it didnt.

Thanks for your reply

“I find that Cdex rips faster & the options available make it more flexible”
The later part of that statement could be argued if one was in the mood.

It can’t really because it’s just my opinion & if someone disagrees that’s fine by me so no argument…