Is there a preferred

…program for printing out labels to stick directly onto disks? What do you cdfreaks recommend?:stuck_out_tongue:
How about Microsoft Word?

SureThing is the one I use.

I agree with UTR. When i used to print labels SureThing is the best i’ve ever used. I don’t do it now because if you do it wrong sometimes it messes up the disc playback. A lot of people use printable discs with printers with the cd trays.

Most of us don’t recommend using paper labels on disks. This can lead to problems on playback over time.

LAbels on discs can unbalance the disc, which accelerates wear to the drive.

Printable discs
Lightscribe discs
Or simply good penmanship with a Sharpie Marker
(PRINT, don’t “write”)


You people really seem to know your stuff! Thank you so much!