Is there a permanent booktype setter for NU ddw82?



that way i don’t have to set the booktype everytime. after all isn’t NU drive rebadged benq?


is there a program to disable opc for it too?


I set mine to booktype automatically with nuutil v1.12-2

Try Here


where can i find that?



Let me know how your disc turns out, all mine work fine 100%


will it be a once only deal or permanent?


is there a program to disable opc for it too?


You can change it back, but why would you want to?

I don’t know what the hell that is, sorry…


DJ Mind :iagree:


ok so once i set it i don’t have to keep setting it in burning proggys?


Correct. :iagree:


By OPC I assume you mean the walking optimal power calibration (strictly speaking, it should be WOPC)? If so, you can try Quickie’s WOPC tool. I guess this is made with Phillips drives in mind but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work with a Nu.


Well, one reason would be the WOPC switching commands are not available :slight_smile:


it doesn’t have wopc just called opc


If it doesn’t have a WOPC then there is nothing for you to turn off. =)