Is there a patch or update that allows RecordNow DX4.6 to recognise 832s?

Is there a patch or update that allows RecordNow DX4.6 to recognise 832s??

I was able to use RecordNow4.6 to burn with my 451s@832s. I have the latest PX-Engine57 installed, but RecordNow couldn’t give me the exact speed choice other than “min, med, max”. So i decided to reinstall RecordNow, but then it did’t recognise 832s anymore :a

Since i wanted to use RecordNow to test the new fw VS0A other than Nero or Alcohol, i flashed back to 851s with GSC2, reinstall RecodNow, px-engine. Then flash the drive to 832s again, but to no avail :confused: actually i tried that a few times :sad:

please help,

yep, it does same for me aswell - doesnt list the available write speeds :frowning:

I’m using record max 4.50…No problem recognizing my liteon sowh 832s… and it works without a problem…
Only thing is my drive seems to be broken coasters all the time…

@QQuxa, don’t uninstall it, otherwise u won’t get it back …

@Tony_ca1, don’t worry man, my drive is probably worst …

what’s the major difference between 4.6 & 4.5?

There is no mayor difference between 4.6 and 4.5…
Atleast not that i know of…

Tony_ca1, you mean you get all the speed selections like 40x, 8x, 4x in RecordNow, and not just max, med, min?

Put this in your Windows\System2 directory replacing the older PXDRV.DLL.
Although this has worked for me and many others, I would recommend to backup your old PXDRV.DLL just in case. :wink:
Rebooting is not necessary, just restart RN.

Let’s hear if it works for you ! :cool:


THIS forum link might be helpful as well… :wink: Thank´s to DMagic1
(Incl. the latest PXDRV.DLL)

Enjoy one of the best burning software.

I updated pxdrv.dll but Record Now DX 4.6 still will not see my Liteon 832S. It does see my Pioneer A05.

Doesn’t really matter as I prefer Nero.

that worked just fine! thanks =)