Is there a new version of Anydvd out?

i got on the internet, a message came up that said there was a new version of Anydvd available. so i went to slysoft and it said that anydvd was out. when i clicked on it to download, all it did was download a copy of ontop of itself. i already had that version. so how do you download this new version? please help.

yep… they havent updated the site yet, but you can download it here:

have phunnnn

im getting the new anydvd, but the old clonedvd still, guess I have to wait a little til they upload it

there is a new CloneDVD?? what version? i am using i thought it was still new… :eek:

ahh, here it is

yes i have gotten it now, too. thanks!!! :smiley:

thanks jhabers and dvd baqup, i now have the updated versions of both of them.

its not a must to update unless u using 64-bit base rite.

I disagree. Updating AnyDVD (together with CloneDVD) is highly recommended, as this fixes the “remuxing forced” and “Clone 1 TCE” error in CloneDVD, caused by wrong CSS decryption in AnyDVD.

I had same problem last night. Kept installing the update off Slysoft and it was the older version until I went to Elby and got CloneDVD Same thing happened with AnyDVD too. Guess we all saw the update and jumped the gun before they were actually updated. :eek:

ok thx sorry.

Does one have to uninstall old vers of ANYDVD and CLONEDVD first?
Or just install over old vers?


You can install on top of the older version

Does the latest version of AnyDVD work correctly? Has anyone updated and tested it to see if it will work?

Works like a hot knife through butter!!! :smiley:

I installed the newest versions of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD and have no problems. there was one strange thing with CloneDVD2 though I have always uninstalled the old version of CloneDVD2 before installing the new version. this time for some reason Clone decided to move my CloneDVDtemp file to my external USB 2.0 hard drive even though the C:Clonedvdtemp was still there on my primary drive.

If you uninstall first, it will look for the drive with the biggest free space to hold your temp folder after the reinstall. Looks like your USB drive was it… :slight_smile:

yep, its a new 160Gb drive and I havnt loaded much on it yet.