Is there a music quality difference between data and music CD's

Hey all - Does anyone know if there are noticeable quality differences between the above? What happens to music if burned to a data disc?

Some say it makes a difference…
I believe that the most important thing is that Music discs have extra copyright fees included and that due to a setting, standalone CD Recorders (as used in HiFi systems) will (in principle) will not accept data discs for recording.

I’d say that good quality data discs provide you a good enough quality audio at a fairer price.

it sure does! unfortunatly

the closest you’ll ever come to an originally pressed music cd is by using yahama’s audio master for recording. Unfortunatly yamaha gave up making anymore burners, thank God I’ve got one. :wink:

if you’re talking about the difference in sound quality between regular data cdr’s and audio cdr’s for stand alone recorders, then there isn’t any difference, the only difference is the audio cdr’s have a prewritten code which makes them compatible with stand alone cd recorders. Only professional grade stand alone cd recorders like Tascam will let you use data cdr’s for audio recording.

Not to long ago, I made a general search for Yamaha burners and couldn’t find any, but I’m glad that they’re still around for sale. :wink: