Is there a low cost external usb2?



Does anybody know of an external usb2 burner that’s reliable or, even better, know where i can get one? Please help


LG GSA-5163D is an excellent choice. $99.99 at $89.99 after rebate. Free shipping.


you are the man. i spent like an hour looking and i was comin up with low to mid $100s as the best, except for ebay where they GOUGE for shipping


Yo logjon-

If you have never purchased from Newegg before - are you ever in for a pleasant surprise-

They are a very good vendor and if you want great media at great prices and excellent curstomer service - then take a look at

Happy Burnin’



I second Bigmike7’s recommendations! Right now, though, Supermediastore is having a TY sale (8X 100 pack is $38 per 100 after shipping and BEFORE $7 rebate) and is lower than Rima after shipping… I usually use Rima because they have cheaper shipping, but Supermediastore is the best deal for now… For Verbs, check out NewEgg as well!!! DataLifePlus are $26 per 50 after shipping, and the printable DLP are $32 after shipping…


you people are too damn good. thanks a lot for everything.


Not sure if you are still looking, but has a Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9-8XE. Specs can be seen at $79.00 plus shipping. I have been very happy with this so far.


Bought the same one from Costco, great Nec 3450 burner. The usb performance is unsatifactory, low interface rates. Exchanged serveral with equal performance.


my dad’s dc4000 worked great on low speed. i’m looking for compatibility, i can set it to burn while i’m in class. this notebook burner won’t make copies that play on anything except other computers


Well then it’s not a good idea to bring a full size externall dvd burner to a classroom like the LG GSA5163D. It’s an excellent burner but it’s just too big for your need and you won’t be able to burn at 16x with USB2.0 anyways.

I would suggest a slim one like Lacie 3000819U. As far as I know, the drive is a NEC 6500/6550.
not cheap though.


i’m not bringin it to the classroom though, i’m leavin it in the dorm. and i usually burn at 2.4 or 4 x anyway because i don’t trust them at higher speeds. as long as it can make copies that will play, size and time is not an issue. i got nothin but time to kill up here


thanks for the input though i really appreciate all the help


Here’s another one for $79.95 after $10.00 rebate …

I think its a re-badged NEC-3540.


I have that drive (AOPEN 1608) and to my experience it’s not very stable burning at 8x. I burn it at 4x and no problem at all with about 80 of my burns (most of them on TYG02). The only downside is that it’s not compatible with Nero CD-DVD speed to report PIF so I’m not able to do a good Disc Quality scan. Anyone knows if there’s another good EXTERNAL burner that’s compatiable with Nero to report PIF? I don’t think that LG GSA can do quality scan either. I’m looking to buy another drive for this reason…