Is there a list / overview of rebadged cd-writers?

Is there a list / overview of rebadged cd-writers ?



well, this one is somewhat short, but might be helpful:

There are a few tricks for you to find out what it is…

If it says smart-burn on the box or the model name starts with LTR, it’s a Lite-On.

If it says Burn-Proof, it’s a Sanyo or Sanyo-based. (Or a Plextor!). Those and the ExacLinks are my personal favorite burners, even if they are not SD2-killers.

If it says JustLink, it’s a Ricoh-based burner. (Samsung, Artec, AOpen.)

If it says ExacLink, it’s based on the Oak chipset, and probably a Cyberdrive, Mitsumi or Optorite, except for the LG 24x which is made by LG with an Oak chipset.

If it’s a TDK, then a X on the end of the model (Ex: 321040X) indicates a Sanyo, and a B (321040B i.e.) means it’s a Lite-On.

If it says SuperLink, then it’s an LG.

If it says SeamlessLink, either an Acer/BenQ (most probably) or a Philips (less probably).

hmm, some useful tips there, thanks!

Excellent, thanx guys :smiley: