Is there a list for

Is there a list for SafeDsic2 compatible CDRWs? In other words, compatible burners that will create a working copy of SafeDisc2? Thanks for all your help guys.

There was one at CDR-Times but their site is down :frowning: All I can tell you is that burners that are based on Philips hardware will work and there are a lot of other brands that also work…

What kind of writer do you have?

I would try it but I haven’t gotten a hold of anybody that has the original RA2 =(. I do have a Philips so it seems like I’m ready for it, just need the source, thanks for your help :wink:

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thanks for your help :wink:

You’re welcome, that’s what I’m here for :slight_smile:

To bad that Cdrtimes are down cause i would really like to know if my burner can beat the terrible Safedisk 2 protection. I have the Yamaha 2100s CDRW writer and it is WONDERFUL, but will it do the job?

Hi Merlin: I helped compile the writer’s list for Cdrtimes.We had a few claims of successful backups that played in the Yamaha only,I would not guarantee those results however.I remain skeptical.

Since Sd2 protection is customizable some titles are easier to backup eg.N.O.L.F.
The best test for a writer’s ability to write SD2 is Red Alert2.It is the most difficult title to backup.The Philips-based writers and rebadged Philips writers will make backups of SD2.Most of the Plextor’s will create backups that will play in the Plex only.

The Plextor 8/20 scsi and the Plextor 8/2/20 scsi are also confirmed to make backups that will play in any Cd- dvdrom drive.Some of the pre-MArch 99… 8/20 Plexes created coasters and should be avoided.Hope this helps a bit.

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Hi Merlin: I helped compile the writer’s list for Cdrtimes.

Any change you could send me that list or put it up somewhere? The list was quite helpful… A lot of people are asking for lists like that but CDRTimes went down :frowning:

Hi: I’m not able to make the list public at this time.I need permission from the webmaster from Cdrtimes.Cdrtimes information was copyrighted,so I can’t volunteer the list.I will try to contact him this week.I will be around to answer questions for the time being ,I will check back.I am a moderator at another forum.

Thanks, I would really appreciate it. You can post a message in this forum or mail me at Thanks in advance!

Thank you very much for the good news, one succesful backup could make another i think. There are always some backdoors for CD duplicating. To make an easy example: I Succeded to make a fully working backup of Colin McRAE Rally using CloneCD, checking subdata, subaudio, errorskip and setting read and write speed to 1x. Well ofcourse that was before the creation of Safedisk 2. Before i bout my Yamaha 2100s i had the Plexwriter 8/20 delivered with the 1.03 firmware. Do you think it was stupid changeing to the new Yamaha writer?

I will get back to you,if and when the information is posted.I will be contacting the webmaster this week,he devoted a lot of time to create it.I’m sure we’ll figure a way to make it available again.

The Yamaha is an excellent writer.It’s only limitation,like most writers is Sd2.Your 8/20 probably could have written SD2,but you still ended up with a good writer.You can always patch Sd2 games.I purchased an Iomega 8/4/32 to write my SD2 because I also have a Plex 8432.The Philip’s-based writers are not that great,I wouldn’t want one as an only writer!


Do you also love the Toystory movies?

You were right about the Yamaha 2100s burner, seems like it cannot beat the safedisc 2 protection, but there is some mystery. When i made a copy of STCC 2 (SD2) and started STTC2 from the start menu it didnt work, But but but when i started STCC2setup from the same folder and adjusted my graphic card and then choose start game it WORKED.. Very very strange. You said youve had some reports from people making a successful backup with the new Yamaha writer, wich program and settings did they use? I would also ask you nice to send me cdrtimes writer list if you get access to it from the webmaster.

The people who CLAIMED to make working backups of SD2 used CloneCD.They used only fast error skip.They slowed the read down to 2x.It SUPPOSEDLY only played in the Yamaha.

When we make the writers list public again it will be where everyone can see it.All of the the 4x to 8x Philips writers will work!That is common knowledge.:smiley:

Oh almost forgot.You asked about Toy Story.Yeah they were okay movies.I use woody as a nick because that is what everyone calls me.My last name is Wood :smiley: Don’t make too many coasters with that Yamaha and Sd2,like I said I’m skeptical!


What kind of errorskip setting did they use? By the way iam always using a cdrw disk to test my copies, cant afford to waste a dussin of cds just for att simple protection.

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By the way iam always using a cdrw disk to test my copies, cant afford to waste a dussin of cds just for att simple protection.

By carefull here. CD-RW do not have the same reflection as a normal CD-R! SafeDisc 2 relies on weak sectors and if you use a CD-RW it will often result in a coaster (well not really a coaster because it’s a CD-RW ;))

They didn’t use anything special,just checked fast error skip.Just used the default setting.I wish I could have gotten a hold of this drive to test myself.I am not convinced it works.You are starting to prove that point.Good Luck.

G@ME3FR3@K:I’m trying to get a hold of the Cdrtimes webmaster.No luck yet.I will get back to you;)


I must agree couse iam skeptic too. But iam Very Stubborn and would not give up until iam 110% sure that my Yamma can`t do the work. I will continue testing until my CDRW disk falls down to darkness :slight_smile: I promise to keep you guys informed through my journey against safedisc 2 and the Yamaha burner. If you want me to do some tests with certain settings iam glad to help out. One thing i could say is that Blindwrite isnt a good burner program for safedisc 2, i have done a couple of tests and most of the times i could read the copy in any cdrom, not even my writer. CloneCD is the best, with less bugs.

G@M3FR3@K: I have tried on normal cdr discs too but the results was even worse than on the cdrw disc. But to make thins easy we could hope and pray that Olli can find some biosworkaround or something else to break the safedisc? I have to agree with Ollis opinion keeping the data unchanced, and not to cheat in anyway…