Is there a limit on number of files on a disk?

Having owned a LVW-5005 for several years, and having changed the drive because of frequent “invalid disk” and “no disk” errors, (and finding all the “no VCD or fast forward problems” thereafter, I have encountered a recurring problem with recording short programs onto disk. It almost appears that my unit does not want to put more than about twelve (I think), short segments on the disk, it stays on the “stopping” message for an extremely long time then refuses to read the disk, returning a “invalid disk” message, the disk then reads as a “cda” file in the computer. Has any body on this forum found this problem, and if so offer a solution???

I should have said, “Is there a limit on how many TITLES one can put on a disk”??

Not sure I never had more than 8.

I have a +RW where I hold my thumnails (within a hidden 10-second chapter) for my tv show projects and at this time I have 26 titles albeit short. I also have a Bugs Bunny +rw with about 45 titles on it. That many titles might be an issue with some players, but not with the recorder. The symptoms you describe may be a dirty lens issue or the laser is dying. Try cleaning the lens or it might be time to replace the drive.

It always depends on the used filesystem on the disc.

Thanks for your response, it aroused my curiosity as to how you are able to create the hidden chapter, I presume using the 5005, I have not heard of this before. With regard to the drive, it is not more than three months old, is “mounted” (read “sitting”) alongside the recorder itself, connected by a longer cable, not sure about the lens cleaning, don’t think I have done this to this drive up until this time, but am a bit dubious about that being the cause of the problem, as it occurs mainly to dvds with a larger number of titles, hence my previous post.
On another tack, has anyone else found that a replacement drive can open its drawer when the 5005 is at standby???

Hiding chapters is a feature mostly found on HDD recorders (Ilo HD04s in my case), although my Govideo 6530 single drive (now with a Liteon 1693s replacement) can hide and even merge side-by-side segments on +RWs, not on +Rs, so I’m sure they’re others. Just to clarify, for the 6530, it’s not because of the new drive. So you can merge different projects together, as long as they are recorded at the same speed.

I own a 5005 but it’s stored for now and only use to do CDs, I just looked at the manual, no reference to hiding or merging features.

For the drive opening while on stand-by, I think that works with having the drive outside the case and pressing the eject button on the drive. Using the case or remote eject button, the command goes through the board and automatically powers up the recorder.

The 5005 doesn’t support title merging, splitting or hiding.