Is there a language plug-in for nero?

hi all, i have an English windows XP but installed the Asian language pack and types mandarin a lot… but when it comes to burning cd or dvd, my nero 6 doesn’t recognize these characters… it burns the files alright, but translates all chinese characters into numbers… so it’s impossible for me to know which file is what even though the burning goes successfully…

anyone has any solution besides changing all my filenames to english? thanks, any help is appreciated

Get the chinese language pack of the latest version here

If your version is not the same it won’t work. So update it first.
Sorry the source is in French.

it’s installed…but now my nero wouldn’t even recognize some files with chinese name and wont’ rename them to numbers… now it reads them as question marks and won’t burn those files… is there a solution to that? or how do you uninstall the language pack? thanks

actually it works now, sorry my bad… it was my windows that didn’t set the setting of directing non unicode to Chinese…

thanks for the help!

I am actually having the same problem as philipcool…

Except I have no idea how to make it work… =(

I’m getting the same error, but what do you mean “directing non unicode to chinese”? I can’t seem to get it to work