Is there a 'how-to' for creating audio cds?

Just got my first CDRW and trying to use Nero to burn audio cds.

Anyone have some good reference links to “how-to” articles?

I burned one cd from a bunch of mp3s I downloaded. Not bad for first time but there were a lot of “dead spots” or skips. Don’t know if there is something I can do in Nero to clean that up before burning it.

If you do a Google search for “MP3 skips”, you will find a lot of information.

you can look for programms like Feurio and EAC to burn audio cd’s.
They are specialised in it

Originally posted by Inertia
If you do a Google search for “MP3 skips”, you will find a lot of information.

How about a search in this forum…
Creating audio cds from MP3s has been dealt with many times before. The problem of, as you call it, dead spots and skips have been dealt with too.

Dead spots between numbers can be minimized by eliminating the 2 second gap between songs.

The skips in numbers can be caused by bad encoding of MP3 or too fast burning (the PC does not have sufficient time to decode the MP3s properly).

Fuerio has a nice option to remove the 2 secs of every song and can also link songs

I don’t think Fuerio or these less “user-friendly” burners make your CD sound any better than any other.

I would advise to download some demos of products like Fuerio, Nero, Media Jukebox even use Windows Media Player and pick the one that is easier and has the features that you like the most.

If you hear any difference between them if the results are played on the exact same player, you let me know because I don’t. The player that you use will have way more of an impact.


Sorry, but I left out which I think is the most important thing about burning and ripping.
You can’t get better than the original source. That is the most important factor is WAY more important what you choose to burn, rip or convert with.


go to

And there is documentation for you.


What would I want another copy of the Nero user guide ?

First you have to get good quality Mp3 files 128 at 44khtz or better I prefer (VBR to CBR encoding for the files)

Then get a good Mp3 to Wav converter I like Acustica Mp3 to wave converter then you fire up Nero and hit new Audio Cd if you not sure how to use it hit the WIz and it will help you through it

And remember to get Good Media I like Verbatim my self oh and if you have one of the older CD players fisrt gen or so try burning at a slowr speed. I had a sony CD player (non skip) …now thats old and had the same problems so had to get rid of that portable and got a Kenwood and worked fine (same disk no redo copy might have been a seek time thing not sure) but that was my experience good luck any how and happy burning …

I don’t think Fuerio or these less “user-friendly” burners make your CD sound any better than any other.

Fuerio is not a burner app, and EAC isn’t a burner app either.
they have a burn option…but you don’t really need it, because most programms can burn their results.

these programs (fuerio/eac with the lame codec) can give you very good quality when you rip cd’s…they have special options for that which other apps don’t have.

when you just burn mp3 the quality is contained in that mp3. with the right codec you can only get the quality that the ripper wants you to have. you can’t really improve the quality that much anymore

damiandimitri says it well it depends on the file, thats why when you get a MP3 be it ripped or goten from other places I will not go in to detail play the file before you convert it to Wav if you want ti to play in places like car stereo that does not playback MP3 files you have to convert to Wav (cd audio format )

When I make Mp3 files i like Musicmatch Jukebox I like the option that lets you make Mp3 fiels in CBR or VBR cause CBR or “Constant Bit Rate” keeps the file small but not as good quallity, VBR Or “Variable Bit Rate” gives you a better file but in a mp3 made in this encoding fasion will be bigger why?? cause a Mp3 file is srhunken how?? you kill the parts of the annalog signal that the human ear cant hear and when you have more sound in one part of the song with VBR U use less compression cause it takes in to acount more of that area

And basically what all this means is that you make an inferior quallity file but its more compact and the humman ear for all purposes cant tell but… when you reconvert to Wav you will not have the same quallity(cd audio) file was with what you started with

So as you gon in to ripping know that Mp3 are worse quallity than CD audio as DVD audio is better quallity than CD aduio and to play DVD audio you need your DVD player to have 192KhZ DAC (Digital to Analog Converter ) some of the older DVD’s use the 96khz DAC ok im going on and on hope this helps out some (it will help my post stats) :smiley: