Is there a good freeware (basic) photo editing suite?

Hello all,

I’m only really looking for basic features, crop, resize, maybe batch resize and batch rename? I was wondering if anyone offers a good free suite?

Thank you for reading.


have a look at Irfan View. It’s free for personal use. It has the features you want. I am using it myself.


Thank you very much, I’m about to try it out.

[QUOTE=Ringside;2301516]Thank you very much, I’m about to try it out.[/QUOTE]Good decision, I guess, you won’t regret it :slight_smile:
Be careful during installation to avoid installing Google Toolbar :wink:


Another good freeware photo editor is [B][U]Gimp… [/U][/B]a slight learning curve, but quite versatile once you learn it…

acturely i’d like to recommend PS trial version

but my friend is usin photoplus…sound like that`````photo plus?

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