Is there a good DVD-DL media BESIDES Verbatim?

hello, I am new here, but i have done a ton of DVD authoring. I heard not only from this forum. but by calling actual press factories, that they prefer Verbatim and TDK and of course mam-a (archival and very expensive).

I CANNOT afford Verbatim.

and as far as I know, TDK does not offer DL “Shiny”.

I need DL “shiny” because i am thermal printing. What do I use that will have a low error rate BESIDES Verbatim?

lists please gentlemen, no arguments :slight_smile:

thank you

brian L.

is there a good DVD-DL media BESIDES Verbatim?

Not for consistency, though the jury is still out on the Falcon brand

Sorry toriamosdvddude but I had to remove the url link due to forum rules.

Btw doesn’t TY produce DL-R media IIRC?

I find it very hard to believe that someone who professionally makes DVD masters for factory pressing cannot afford to buy quality media. :confused:

We generally only recommend Verbatim Dual/Double Layer media here for good reason - it’s the only DL media that’s generally of good quality.

You can go buy some cheaper stuff like the DVD+R DL media from HP but don’t complain to us if the results aren’t good enough. You have been warned.

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[QUOTE=Hemispasm;2446274]Btw doesn’t TY produce DVD-R DL media IIRC?[/QUOTE] Taiyo Yuden produces (or at least did produce) DVD-R DL but not DVD+R DL. This media is not as widely compatible with burners as Verbatim media, and is probably a lot more expensive and harder to find in most of the world compared to Verbatim media.

haha, in case you didn’t know, there are thousands of us “avantgarde” filmmakers out there churning out awesome stuff and still unable to make rent. believe it.

I am considering Falcon, i wrote them for a media code, no reply yet. and yes $1.70 per disc is outrageous.

serves me right for trying to fit 4 hours of videos on one disc.

just got a letter from Falcon Media:

media code is Ricoh

and they press in United Arab Emirates.

Ritek uses same media code BUT Riteks are pressed in Taiwan.

He also recommended 4x burns.