Is there a glossary of terms?

Is there a glossary to get us familiar with terminology so we can read some of the posts and know what they refer to? What is a VTS, what is ISO, what is a VOB? If not, maybe we should consider making a sticky with common terms and their definitions.

You can always look up the terms at Webopedia.

Webopedia is awesome, and Wikipedia is great too for some things, and there is always Google.

I think folks should try Google Searches when they are stumped, cause it is perhaps one of the best ways to find things, and also avoids having to have the same questions asked over and over and over.

Anyway, do you need definitions, or were you just making a point?

ISO = Disk Image - so you can have bootable disks with many files saved in one big archive, kinda like a ZIP file. Just like with ZIP, there are competing formats, like DMG, IMG, CDR, MDS, DAA, etc.

VOB = MPEG-2 file (usually) segment for DVD’s

VTS = Video Title Set (I think) - the header / structure of DVD stuff. Kind of an index / outline of what is on the disk. Table of contents sorta.

As BeardedKirklander says “there is always Google”, just call Google and at the search window write - define:"word you want to know about"
You can even choose the language if you go via “Language tools” to perform the search, and to as above.

I didn’t know about that DEFINE thing. That’s pretty cool.

Here’s a cool lookin’ site:

Not too bad.

I really should read the FEATURES section in Google. That thing does a TON of stuff, even if I am mad that they removed GROUPS and FROOGLE from the main links on the main page.