Is there a freeware like Adaptec DirectCD?

I have both an HP 8200 Writer and a LG GCE-8526B.

What is DirectCD? DirectCD is a program that allows you to write files directly to a CD-Recordable (CD-R) or CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) disc in much the same way that you copy files to a floppy diskette or removable drive.

When I got the Hp originally it came with Adaptec’s DirectCD and I used it for a number of years. However I got the faster LG unit and I moved the Hp to my slower computer.
The problem is the Adaptec DirectCD will only recognize the HP unit it will not support the LG. It would seem that the software was modified so that it would work only with the HP Writer.

So is there any freeware that I could use that would mimic the Adaptec DirectCD software.

I really would like to get this feature back if I could. So does anyone know of any freeware that I can use? Please do not suggest just upgrading I can not do this at this time.

Are you running XP? It has a similar built in module for burning.

Sorry forgot to mention OS Win98.
The orginal Hp Writer is about +4 years old and so is the software that came with it.

unfortunately directcd will have to be updated to support the lg. i do not know of freeware that mimics this - perhaps the burning software forum?

Just to clear up any misunderstanding, it’s the software that has been modified, correct? The hardware is normal and should work fine with any kind of burning software? If that’s the case I recommend burnatonce. Since you’re using Windows 98 you’ll also need the Adaptec ASPI Layer 4.60 which is available for download on the same page as the burnatonce installer.

Thanks I will check it out to see if it is what I need.
I have checked what ASPI I am using Aspi Checker and it seem like I have version
I want to understand what this ASPI is all about. I am doing google search to find out what this stuff is about.

My current hardware is working properly with the software I have tried on.

[li]CDBurnerXP Pro 3

Thanks again for the suggestion.

I used CDBurnerXP Pro briefly too, it’s pretty decent but it can only handle ‘.ISO’ images. It can’t handle .CUE, .BIN, .NRG etc.