Is there a free program to convert midis to wavs or mp3s?



Is there a free program to convert midis to wavs or mp3s?


XMPlay + having LAMEEnc install on the system will convert both these formats to MP3. Look in the output “Device” settings to set it how to encode.

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Audacity, dbPowerAmp and several others…


XMPlay I have found is best for converting XM and MIDI files to WAV.


I looked at XMPlay but didn’t see anything about converting midis to wavs ir mp3s. May have missed it.


WinAMP works fine too


Thanks for the info.


MIDI to WAV or MP3? - now that’s a toughie, with most solutions relying on loopback recording.

Timidity++ is one way to directly render a MIDI - old versions used GUS sound libraries, but newer versions can use SF2 soundfonts.

The best pack for novice users, was Tim Brechbill’s easy setup, with a preconfigured 6Mb soundfont, but other good SF2 soundfonts can be used
Appears to point to the last remaining example of Tim’s marvellously easy repack
Some other versions, and a prepared CFG file pack to get the best out og many popular soundfont packages.
The official sourceforge page
Synthfont is another tool on similar lines - also freeware (donations welcome)


It Lives!

TiMidity++ Easy Installer by Tim Brechbill

A working, full site for the no-nonsense, hit the ground running version of Timidity++

No fiddling with configs, no hunting down a decent SF2, the included soundfont is as good or better than most soundcard midi.

If you want more, the merlin soundfonts, plus a prepared cfg from is the way to go - or any other one with a prepared config.

Tim has a basic website tool that will make a “load and go” config for any SF2 soundfont, and allow some instrument substitution, but not the finely crafted configs that get the very best out of the soundfont


Step 1: Run Winamp
Step 2: Load XM, SM3, MOD, or MIDI file into Winamp
Step 3: Set Winamp to output to a WAV file on the hard drive
Step 4: Hit play

All done!