Is there a free program I can use to password-protect the files I have on a CD

I have CD’s that I have created with InCD that I would like to password-protect. Does anyone know of any free program I can download that puts a password at the beginning of a CD? If not, do I have to encrypt the entire CD and what free program would you suggest that I try for encryption so that only I can read the files on the CD? I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Only second time on this site. No one answered my first question. Guess I didn’t give a detailed enough question. My first problem resolved itself when I rebooted my computer.

Newbie Dom

InCD is a packetwrite software. I don’t recommend it because most people already know that it isn’t all that reliable. As for putting a password, i don’t think that most packetwrite discs can have passwords, but the files themselves can be encrypted with some packages in order to put a password on it, or say if u ZIPPED or RAR-ed it you could put a password on your files.

Known more than one person who put in a InCD formatted disc into a drive with data on it only find it was blank.

I have an older version of zip.

With zip encrypt, the file names are still shown if you group a bunch of them.
That might be a benifit or not.

Nero (my ISO settings maybe) would not burn files over 2 gig.

I think Winrar will do encryption, and break up the files into sizes you want.

These are both free trials, but after a month you get the reminder to buy the software.

The ISO filesystem does not support files larger than 2Gb (due to the standards limitation) and it is noted that you should use the UDF filesystem for files larger than 2 GB

Just use rar and password protect it, it is not the safest way but it gets the job done.