Is there a firmwire upgrades for Hard Disk?

Hi! i is there a firmwire upgrades for hard disk drives? im just curious about this coz dvd/cd-rw’s, video cards, bios, raid/scsii controllers has their own firmwire upgrades. why there isnt any other upgrades for hard disk drives?
drives varries on its storage space. i have a 20gb maxtor harddrive and im using this as a file transport system. when i place my drive back to my pc,
the drive doesnt respond to the bios. this drive is not physically damaged. i think that the files that i placed onto it currupts the firmwire on my drive.

I’ve never seen a firmware upgrade for a ATA/SATA drive. I know they change the firmware on newer revisions of the same drive.

Like Juggernaut, I’ve never seen any firmware upgrades for HD either, regardless of the interface type. To your question, I find it unlikely that somehow by writing files onto the hard drive it corrupted the firmware. You said you used it as a file transport system, could it be that during this “transport” process you damaged the drive physically? This is even more so if it’s an internal drive and you carried it around without protection as the circuits on the back are quite vulnerable.

yes i use this drive as my transport disk but this isnt the cause, at first, i place this drive on my p3 pc and swtich back to my p4, irealy having a problem booting up the drive on my p3 pc so i use my p4 to write some files and configure my temp os disk. but when i placed it to my p4, bios detects an error drive which display an ascii codes on my screen. i reconect it then it works fine, when the p4 booted on xp, the pc hangs and i restarted it. after that happens. the drive isnt responding at all. i think its the virus or some error file that slip to the firmwire and curupted its own data.

where could i find a new revison for my drive?