Is there a firmware update which will allow divx playback on

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As far as I can tell, there are no firmware updates available for this TV. The only download available on the official Philips website is the user product manual for it.

Unfortunately, generally if a DVD player does not support a particular format, it will not be added at a later stage. For example, XviD and DivX decoding in most set-top boxes is usually carried out by hardware based decoding, which means that if the chipset present does not support decoding of a particular format, no firmware update can add this capability.

If you’re interested in removing the region code restriction (e.g. play all DVD regions 1-6), you can do this as follows:

[li]With the TV on, the DVD tray empty and closed, press the TV/DVD button on the remote to switch to the TV mode.[/li][li]Press the following buttons in sequence on the remote: 0, 6, 2, 5, 9, 6, Menu[/li][li]Select ‘DVD’ from the menu using the arrow keys and press ‘OK’[/li][li]Key in ‘0’ followed by the region code. For region free, press: 0, 0. On some TVs, the region code can be selected by selecting ‘Region’ option and using the left/right arrow buttons to select the region code or ‘All’.[/li][li]Press the menu button to exit.[/li][/ol]