Is there a firmware update for Philips 1640G



I have tried the Philips updates but they will not flash to my drive, which has B2.5 (yes that is B, different to P as offered by Philips on there site) as shipped.


I think the 1640 can be crossflashed with the BenQ1620. My Philips 8631 was able to crossflash no problem. But someone please confirm OR you could do what we recommended to lc7777 in another thread: open up the case, and check the label on the drive top. It should say BenQ or DW1600 or something if it’s a BenQ.




If it can be crossflashed, do the following:

STEP #1:

Go here:
DL B7P9 or B7T9 .cvt files and cross flash it. Reboot or whatever.

Step #2:

Gohere. DL official FW like B7P9.

STEP #3:

Go here:

DL ala’s great tool and unzip.

Then do this:

A. Load the FW that you DL’d into MCSE and click the increase read speed check box & hit Save.
B. Double click the speed patched FW and run the flasher while the drive is empty of media.
C. reboot

Enjoy your awesome BenQ1620, or as I’ve dubbed it elsewhere, the “RIPPING MONSTER.”