Is there a firmware update for Lite-on Combo SOHC-4832k OQK5

My DVD-ROM drive that came with my HP PC currently has OQK5.
Is there an upgrade for this firmware ?
to improve its reading times for CDs and DVDs ?

Please backup the firmware and email me a copy. Use LtnFW to do this in Windows. Please see the Stickied “Tools” thread in the Liteon subforum (I’m moving this post there).

hopefully, you got my email which included the firmware.

thanks for your reply.
I went to your website and upgraded the firmware for my drive with that of
SOHC-5232K - I didn’t realise until this that my drive had a CD burner capability
also… as it says DVD-ROM only on the face plate… (Infotool did say it was Combo drive… but it didn’t stike me until i went to pick up the new firmware and found it
listed under Combo drives !! ;-( )

thanks a million for your help.

i have a combo drive SOHC 4832K everything works except it won’t read cd for the cd burner it say it’s there but can’t get it to work i was wondering if there is a update
for the drivers

Please continue in original post. No need to restart a thread that’s more than 1½ year old.

No drive can read a empty disc.

YES… The Firmware Update for the CD-RW/DVD 48X LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4832K drive can be acquired at…&os=228&dlc=en