Is there a firmware fro regoin free for the dw1640



does anyone have a region free or reset region for the 1640.


using a modified non offical firmware will void your warranty , you can instead use softwares to make it region free like anydvd/dvd region+css free


my 1640 retail came with no region and 5 changes left (instead of the usual 4)…


yeah i’d like an rpc1 firmware and a linux installer, what’s with all the windows installers - the nec guys manage to make cross-platform software…

also, us linux users can’t use media code edit or qsuite, so it would be nice to have media speedups in the firmware too, like the nec firmwares.


This is because you have never inserted a region coded disc on the burner.

Blank discs are region free.

The first region code is setted when you insert for the first time a region coded disc (i.e a dvd movie), and the other changes any time you insert a disc of a region different from the first disc.


ahhh, i c :doh: cheers btw :bow:




Well all 3 of my drives are region free. I’ve had AnyDVD installed B 4 my drives were installed :cool: And yes they’ve had plenty of pressed discs in them Region 1.


I don’t know if AnyDVD remove also region settings from a dvd movie, but each burner have in its hardware (don’t know exactly where, maybe in the eeprom) 5 region changes built-in.

For what I know, the only way to have a drive truly region-free is a modified firmware.

Anyway, note that a burner have 5 region changes, i.e you can change the region of your drive only 5 times; if you use only region 1 DVDs, then your drive have another 4 changes into its hardware.

Have you tried to run infotool to see how many region changes do you have?


I looked in the device manager. Says 5 left no region set. Says 5 in Infotool also. I don’t have any other region discs here to see what will happen. Also i don’t run any DVD software to watch movies on my PC so that might be what happens to people.


Don’t DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink remove regions?


They remove region from ripped movies, but not from the burner.


If you have 5 changes available, then AnyDVD remove also region setting when you insert a DVD on a drive.

If you want to do a try, you can shut-down AnyDVD before to insert a disc on a drive. The first time a drive see a region coded disc, should start a message saying that the disc inserted is of region xx, and ask you if you want to change your drive region; after this, it says that are 4 region changes available.

Anyway, I suggest you to leave your drive with 5 changes; there is no reason to do any change.


I think i will just leave them the way they are :wink: I had a NEC 2510 and used Power DVD for awhile and remember it asking me if i want to change region setting but haven’t had Power DVD since i got these drives i’m running now since last couple of reformats.


Don’t complain; at least you’re not a Mac user, who are the ones who’re really screwed because they need to physically attach their drives to a x86 PC.

The standard course of action for Linux, FreeBSD, or anyone who uses x86 but not Windows is to use a DOS boot disk (or boot CD; there is a good DOS boot CD specially tailored for firmware flashing on >NIL:'s page at and boot to DOS to flash their drive using TDB’s DOS flasher.

NEC never made one. Liggy made one in his own time by re-writing and adapting DVRFlash (an unofficial flasher for Pioneer drives using fplscsi) for the NEC. Yes, it’s possible to make a cross-platform flasher. Would you like to make one? Making flashers is a lot of work, and if there is a Windows flasher (and a DOS flasher), then the entire x86 segment is covered, and nobody wants to put in the extra work of developing a flasher. If you have what it takes, then please, be our guest. :wink:


Isn’t that good enough though? Can’t you just rip any movie and remove the region code, or if you try to say put in a region 2 in a region 1 drive it won’t rip it?


Region protection works by having the drive refuse to supply the CSS key in a CSS key exchange if the regions don’t match; this is how region protection is supposed to work (region protection is specified in CSS licensing) (there are some drives that do more than just refuse the CSS key, but since doing more than that is not required, most drives do not bother). Since DVD Decrypter is capable of breaking CSS even if it is not supplied with the key, region protection should have no effect on DVD Decrypter. (This is, BTW, how programs like AnyDVD bypass region protections–they just brute-force the CSS key when a region mismatch causes the drive to refuse to supply one).


Hi folks,

I was wondering if a utility to reset the remaining number of region changes existed for the BenQ DW1640, similar to LtnRPC for Lite-On. Searched the forum, googled, etc. but no luck. Thanks!


you must flash to a RPC1 firmware, there’s no other way. follow the link in the second post.


I did that, and then it said “2 changes left” with no region selected, so I flashed to stock BSLB and now it reads “4 changes remaining” with the relevant region selected. This is fine by me, but I would prefer it said “No region selected - 5 changes remaining”. Ah, it doesn’t matter as I don’t use it to play DVDs.

Thanks for the reply, chok0 :slight_smile: