Is there a faster way to copy DVD to DVD?

My DVD drive reads a DVD disc sometimes, and sometimes not. These are new DVDs, have only been used once or twice, yet when I put them in, the player MIGHT find them, and then again it might not. For example, I had KILL BILL in and it wouldn’t read it. Then the next day it did read it. But then when I wanted to finish watching it the next day, it wouldn’t read it again. What’s up with this?
Thanks so much if you can help me!

My DVD drive used to read DVDs just fine, but lately, I can put a DVD in, and the drive MIGHT read it and it might not. Sometimes I’ve started watching a DVD, but when I went to finish it the next day, it won’t find the DVD in the drive. Tells me to insert a disc.
I’ve tried re-booting, and I’ve tried taking the disc in and out.
These discs are new, hardly used, not scratched.
Can anyone help me?

Do you mean your dvd drive in the pc or standalone dvd player?