Is there a faster way to copy DVD to DVD?

I am looking to backup some of my DVDs onto DVD discs using only my laptop (ie 1 DVD-RW drive).
Is there a faster way than ripping to .avi then converting to ISO and burning to disc? Is there not a program that will automatically rip to DVD format?

Try dvd shrink.

Just a curiosity: until now you did backups converting movies in avi and then again in dvd?

Are you copying personal dvd’s or motion picture dvd’s?

There are many programs to use that don’t have to convert to avi first. The problem is they all take time, especially if you are trying to fit a 7 gig movie on a single layer disc. DVD Shrink is IMO the best program for this. If you are trying to copy copywrited DVD movies that’s a different story.

No, I have not tried it yet

And to vkeiser, they are not personal to me no

Oh and thanks for the tip on dvd shrink genno. I will try that after some much needed beauty sleep.
Thanks for all the other help too, I feel much more confident now.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


What nobody mentioned is that DVD Shrink hasn’t been updated in over a year and isn’t able to rip all movies.

If you are intent on ripping and writing a number of DVD movies then you need to consider buying AnyDVD to rip the movie to a folder on your hard drive and CloneDVD 2 to burn the movie to DVD. Both programs are made by Slysoft. If shrink isn’t able to shrink the movie then you can use CloneDVD 2. It allows you to remove the parts that you don’t want to keep.

Having said that, when shrink won’t shrink a movie, I generally write the whole movie to a Dual Layer DVD+R.

I currently rip and burn my movies in the following manner.

With AnyDVD running in the background (if you allow it, it always runs in the background), I use DVD Decrypter to rip the movie. You can simply copy the video contents folder to your hard drive however; I find that DVD Decrypter gives me a better idea of what is contained on the DVD.

Next I attempt to shrink the files down to a single movie. Remembering however; that Shrink no longer is updated and no longer is able to shrink all movies.

After shrinking (or not) the movie files, I use CloneDVD 2 to write the movie to either a DVD-5 (a single layer blank) or a DVD+R DL (a dual layer blank).

On the following page of mine, I have a short guide to burning a shrunk movie using CloneDVD 2:

If you access SlySoft to purchase AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2 from the cdfreaks site you will get a discount on the cost.


I thought the last sentence in my post (#4 ) covered that. :confused:

DVD Shrink is IMO the best program for this. If you are trying to copy copywrited DVD movies that’s a different story.

sorry, your post doesn’t say it’s not been updated, it’s a bit unclear to someone not knowing about these programs

dvd shrink is not more updated, but it still work great

If you rip correctly the movie shrink can do the work with no problems. And with the plugin dvd decrypter still can rip also latest releases.