Is there a DVD dual layer burner that's also 2 sheep CD?

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Since this is my first post here, I thought the ‘newbie’ section was the right one. I did look in the recording hardware forum but could not find the answer.

I am currently battling to back up Age of Mythology Gold edition which I bought this Christmas and have managed to do one of the things I wanted, namely playing the game without the original cd in the drive, thanks to this forum and Alcohol 120.

My goal would be to back the two cds up reliably - I’ll read on and report on thisa in due course.

This forum has also shown me that my Plextor writer is deficient - probably a 0 sheep (where does the ‘sheep’ thing come from?). I could not do what I wanted with CloneCD and I put this down to the Plextor writer. I would therefore like to get a new writer and my question is: is there a good dual-layer DVD writer which is ALSO a 2 sheep CD writer?

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where does the ‘sheep’ thing come from?
Our good friends at what was known as elaborate bytes, creators of clone CD. ‘Sheep’ was a slang term, (elby love their sheep, I think in reference to dolly the first genetic clone who happened to be a sheep) I dont know the exact EFM characteristics 1 and two sheep refer to, but working backups rely on correct EFM encoding to be written to the disc. 0 sheep means it cannot at all encode EFM. 1 Sheep means it can almost correctly encode EFM so a backup may work via emulation. 2 Sheep means it can correctly encode EFM and theoretically can backup safedisc protected games no problemo. (not always the case though) I’m pretty sur there are 2 sheep dual layers out there, only time and research will tell.

The Plextor 716 is 2 sheep. Go read the CDFreaks reviews. They will add a note in the conclusions when it is a 2 sheep burner.

Thank-you, I’ll check out the 716.


The Plextor PX-716A can back-up SafeDisc up to version 2.8x (wihout needing software help like AWS), versions above that (2.9 and 3.0) are harder to copy and you really need additional software help to make a working back-up.

My Lite-on 832S can do the latest versions of safedisc.

“My Lite-on 832S can do the latest versions of safedisc.”

What, even 2.9 / 3.0? I thought that was considered to be not possible


What, even 2.9 / 3.0? I thought that was considered to be not possible
Can be a case of the twilight zone. One drive that works for X,(say a Liteon 832S) may not work for Z. I’ll bet Philambers copy wont run on every drive without some form of emulation.(usually the case) I have a Dinosaur Sony DRU510A (last of the sonys made by sony) and have successfully backed up S/D 3.10,(Call of Duty) 3.15,(Postal 2) 3.20.(Doom 3) My drive is 1 Sheep. These copys work in my DVD-ROM no emulation. I’ve tested a few other DVD/CD-ROMS and provided they’re older units copies work. Others with the DRU510A have had no such luck. I’m rambling so to answer your question: it is very possible.

Yes (and you thought wrong). :slight_smile: My Asus CRW-5224A (cdrw not dvdrw) also does so. :smiley:

However, I should point out that not all drives will play a safedisc v.3.15+ back-up copy (and, in fact, there are some that have difficulty playing an original :frowning: ).

Currently, I run my back-up copies on my Ltd-167T dvd-rom which is a drive known to be very tolerant of back-up copies and whether my copies would run on a picky drive such as a Toshiba dvd-rom, I don’t know (and don’t really care since, on my recommendation, practically everyone I know and care about has a Litey dvd-rom on their system).

your 832 works with them? Excellent i have an 832s, well 812@832 but close enough, i’m going make myself some backups!!! Hehehe, you’ve got me giggling like a little school girl!!!

Re: Is there a DVD dual layer burner that’s also 2 sheep CD?
And here you have another:

Nood question here: is there a way to tell, besides giving it a try, via tools like NERO CD-DVD Speed or similar if a drive is “two sheep”?

Download a simple EFM test here:

Thanks a lot, two of my burners were already in the online list (only the Samsung is two sheep), while the third and newest didn’t pass the test :frowning: .

My liteon (flashed firmware) writes and reads all the way to safedisc 4.00, and also burns non emulated securom 5+7 copies with the help of Twincreator. The sheep test proved it as a 2 sheep burner.

All in all, a very happy customer since I just requested a dual layer burner in my new pc, and @£45 ($80-$85), bit of a bargain!