Is there a "Dummies Guide" for the DMREH50?

Okay…I formally surrender.

I WAS a kid who had to program the VCR for dad back in the day. But my new DMREH50 has me completly baffled. AND THE INSTRUCTIONS MAKE IT WORSE!!!

My hopes:

-My machine is in my bedroom. I HAVE to keep it there. Otherwise, kids and family will touch it and do horrible things. Problem is, watching in bedroom is not cozy or ideal. I would like to record to HDD, transfer to DVD-RAM, watch the program, and then RECYCLE the DVD-ram for the next program. Can I do this? How do I find out if my computer (which is where I will watch these) is compatible? Is there something I need to look for? I have a DELL Demension 4000. (not my choice, family voted for it…I would tell you what is has, but I cannot figure out where DELL hid the onfo on this computer. Same goes for the DVD-RAM…I have no clue how to look up if it is compatible.)

  • I bought the machine because of the SD card. I thought I could use this to do “Still frame captures” of shows to put on the net. When I say this, I mean…record to HDD…press pause…record single frame to SD card…take card over to comp and dump it via a card USB reader…but I cannot figure out this can be done, or IF it can be done…(yep, I watch LOST and we put frame grabs on the net for our crackpot theories.) Again, I see nothing telling me how to do this? Am I wrong? Am I naive?

anyone…saying ANYTHING…would really help me…otherwise, I am going to spend a fortune in DVD-R’s to be able to watch programs and do screen grabs on my computer.

Please…try to keep it as simple as possible. My head spins too much now. I need to be treated like the complete idiot.

Honestly…I am looking for a idiots guide. an alternate to the instructions. Does anyone have one? Is there a link? Is there hope?

Sounds good. But there must be info on the drive somewhere? I have a Dell 4700, but the Drive (a Phillips 8631) doesn’t do RAM. You could check with a utility like Nero InfoTool (which came with my cheap OEM version of Nero) which confirms exactly what the drive can read and write.

Else the EH50 will write to DVD-RW… But I have yet to get this to work with my PC!

Err. no. I doubt that anyone at Panasonic thought that you would want to do that! AFAIK you can’t. On the bright side, if you get it on to your PC, something like Nero will do screen caps, no probs!