Is there a different between Mitsubishi and verbatim CD-R?



guys is there a different if i got mitsubishi chemical CD-R ( no brand just called mitsubishi chemical )

like this :

or getting verbatim CD-R which is made by mitsubishi and the same code … ?

cause i wanna see if there is a different in the scratch resistance or it doesn’t matter as long the code is same ?

thanks …


Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corp, so all their discs with AZO dye are the same.


thanks …


dye is the same if u get those ‘platinum’ mitsubishi’s, but in my spindle of 50 i found a couple of duds :confused: they had physical imperfections. i stick to verbatim now, they seem more durable.


Just take contact op with Mitsubishi they should replace the media. Why go through the fuzz of replacing it even if it cheap. Well it makes MCC/Verbatim more aware that they should have better controle ! and you probally end up with more as the media you returned. (Verbatim Europe has a excellent service reputation !!)


Some use Plasmon tech