Is there a difference in bitsetting software?

Is there a difference in the way bitsetting software works between DVD player? The reason I ask is, my friend who has a liteon brand gave me some dvds to try with the booktype set to -rom on several dvds. These dvds all work in my Sony DVP S7000 player.

I have the BTC DRW1008UI, and have downloaded the bitsetting software v106, running firmware v159.

I went out an bought the BTC, thinking all I need was a bitsetting software compatible burner. I have burnt numerous dvds and none of them will play on the Sony S7000. I have used dvdinfopro and nero to verify the booktype is set to -ROM. The dvds does play in an Apex player that does not play +R disc. I have even tried burning with the same media he gave me to test. We both used Nero and I have tried both the btc bitsetting software and Nero with the -rom options. I think the only thing different is that he is using liteon bitsetting software.


I got a reply from BTC support, they said to check with Sony to see what media is compatible with the player. But, I have already prove that the same media plays with the liteon software and not BTC.

I have tried the bitsetting with a benq burner using benq bitsetting software too and that don’t work either. I have tried another liteon model burner and it worked on the Sony!

Nobody seen this before? I know the sony player is picky but even on the bitsetting software?

1.BenQ Booktype only work on BenQ drive
2.I think the problem is not bitsetting but the writing compability of BTC.

No, I used a benq 1620 burner with benq software to burn and again my Sony S7000 will not play the dvd with the -rom booktype.

So far, only the two liteon burners with liteon bitsetting software has worked.

I have not try burning a DL disc with the liteon, too expensive to experiment now. In fact, I’m hoping that it doesn’t work, that way I won’t have to buy a liteon burner. The picture quality is poor when playing back compress video on the S7000 anyway.