Is there a difference between liteon & Sony FW?

This is my first post and I would like to thank everyone who has asked or answered questions in this forum. Its fantastic to see knowledge shared so freely, and I am sure that this site is what makes liteon such popular drives. Ok. This is my experience.

I have an 832 and had burnt around 20 discs that would always have errors near the end of the movie. Then I came across this site and used Kprobe to discover that I was getting the dreaded mountain effect at the end of each disc (Ritek R02).
I then got some CMC MAGE01 discs and thought that all my problems were solved. The first 15 burns were fantastic, very low PI and PIF. Then something happened and almost every burn since has been a coaster. I used the other 35 discs from that bulk pack, all coasters, Ritek R02 all coasters and some R04s as well. All had that big mountain effect. During this coaster production line I had running, I used every fw there was to try, from VS01 to VS0E, CG3B and CG3E. I tried earlier shift and force fallback all with bad results. I do not know what happened to this drive only that it started making coasters.
I was just about to bin the drive when I noticed that there was fw that I did not try-VY06 for the sony. It seemed to work, below is a scan before and after.
Now I understand the Sony is a Liteon, but is the fw the same? Why would using VY06 make my 832 work again? The only thing I tweaked was auto bitsetting.

ok, sony dvd±rws are rebadged liteys. so there can’t be much difference in the firmware. maybe your drive likes sony’s more than its own? who knows…