Is there a dependable "copy disc" program out there that is not a pain

I am currently using dvd decryptor,dvd2one,then burn with nero 6.6.
All is working fine, not having any problems with these programs, just takes too long. I have been doing some checking on other programs but it seems everyone has a bad opinion on every program out there. My question is… is there a dependable “copy disc” program out there that is not a pain in the a@#! :eek:

All of them have pro’s and con’s. It basically boils down to what you feel comfortable with, that produces results that you are happy with. If you want to learn more, check out They have reviews on all of the various software/hardware tools, guides, and tutorials.

That is fine and dandy, and I do appreciate your advice, BUT… nothing beats good ole’ trial and error experience

Check out AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 from Slysoft - you can download and get a free 21 day trial to check it out.

What bits take too long? Rough timimgs would be useful.

Well 20-25 mins to decrypt 30-35mins to dvd2one 22-25mins to burn with nero.

What’s our system like? Processor speed, DVD-burner model & firmware and are you ripping with the burner or a DVD-ROM.

Using only DVDSHRINK and DVDCRYPTER, it takes around 30 - 40 minutes.

My computer has an AMD Athlon xp 2000+/ 1.66 ghz/ 640 mgs ram/ xp pro sp2/ 40gb hd/ emprex drw10161m A188 firmware version… pretty basic comp.

Sorry Timc… using the burner to rip

The ripping time is determined by the read speed of the burner, which tends to be relatively slow. I would guess that you get about 4x reading so your rip time is about right. DVD Decrypter tells you the ave & max speeds attained.

Your processor & HD determine the transcoding time & neither are especially quick so time is about right.
The burn time is of concern though. 20+mins to burn a DVD is a long time. At 8x mine takes less than 10mins, whereas yours looks like it burning at less than 4x.

Is the burner on the same IDE channel cos it shouldn’t be?
Is DMA on for both the HD & the burner?
Do you defrag your HD regularly?
What DVD media are you using?

I don’t think that there is software that will improve much on the times you’re getting but something can be done about the burn time. DVD Shrink might be a litttle quicker that DVD2One & also do a slightly better job.

Give us answers to my 4 questions & maybe we can help reducing the 20+ mins on burning.

Try the free trial of AnyDVD and CloneDVD, it takes 40 min. or less total at 8x burn and all you have to do is use CloneDVD, AnyDVD runs in the background. If you decide to buy it, CDfreaks members get $10 off. AnyDVD gives lifetime updates. I have tried just about everything (Xcopy, DVDDecrypter w/shrink, the new DVDFabDecrytor, etc.), they all work, but not like AnyDVD/CloneDVD for ease and speed. I honestly believe they’re unbeatable.

question#1-no…#2-dma is on for both…#3-defrag regularly 3-4 times a week…
#4-cheap stuff from fry’s electronics. I do notice that I can only burn at 4x. Don’t know why.

Give up on the cheap stuff from Fry’s. It is true that you get what you pay for when it comes to media. Why not use just Shrink & Decrypter. I can get excellent results in less than 1/2 hr @ 12X no problem with these two. And of course best of all their free.


Totally agree with the Sportperson-eh?

“Crap Media = Crap Burns” and the Frys GQ stuff is horrible - there is Good Media and Good Media on sale - Period IMO-

My burning programs are shown below-


I just recently purchased 1Click DVD Copy 4.2, works great so far. The price was right too. I read the reviews and wanted something simple, can’t get more simple than this program. I also wanted a program that would work with my dual layer recorder.

If speed is all you are interested in then by all means use the very capable CloneDVD and AnyDVD combination for on the fly ripping and compressing.


On the computer DVD Shrink is great and using DVD4Free does away with Region Code problems and encrytion on the fly. Decrypter sometimes helps if there is a problem or a very scratched disc to be remade. DVD4Free has a smiley face in the toolbar and changes from Yellow to a devil face to green when it is ready to open Shrink or whatever.It is also supposed to remove CD codes but I have found, maybe coincidentally, that I have been unable to do many CDs to CDS since having DVD4Free, they just won’t start although occasionally one will after many tries. There seems to be a pattern here. Shrinking can cause trouble if the Shrink has to do a large file and it is below 50%. It can pixel and freeze frames but the effect varies from DVD player to DVD player but might work great on the drive burnt in. Some might not reduce and some might not play at all in some players.

I thought I’d be a bit more scientific about this, especially as I was asking about your set up.
Mine is a faster system than yours (XP2800,1 GB ram , 3 HDs, 4 Opticals, all on separate IDE channels).
I took a terrible example to rip - LOTR The 2 Towers (7+GB) & ripped from my burner to a fast empty ATA133 HD. Any conversion was done just on this one drive as you’ve only got one. We’ll assume that Shrink is comparable to DVD2One, although having used both I prefer Shrink.

First test:-
. Straight rip to HD with DVD Decrypter - 16mins
. Shrink the ripped files - 35mins
So far comparable with yours.

Second test.
Anydvd & Shrink direct from burner to HD (combined rip & shrink) - 35mins

Conclusions - Get Anydvd (or equivalent) & rip/shrink in one go. Time saved 16mins. (on your system probably more)

For the burn time, it’s already been suggested that a better media will result in improved times & quality.

There really is no easier way of doing this process & with your system & the recommendations here it’s about the best you’ll get.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks for all the advise given… well taken :slight_smile:
I believe I will try the better media and then see what happens .