Is there a copy protection for CD AUDIO (.CDA Files) on CD-R's?


I need to copy protect standard CD Audio files on when burning onto CD-R’s NOT Glassmastered CD’s as these are for low quantity promos CD’s which are sent to radio stations so they also hold ISRC codes too.

I can only find copy protection methods for Data CD’s and i need copy protection for Audio CD’s.

Anyone have any ideas about anthing that available on the market?

Either it’s an audio CD, or it is something else. Any kind of “copy protection” makes the disc nonstandard.

does that mean Audio cannot be copy protected unless it via the Glassmaster route?

I don´t think you should waste time or money on any software claiming to protect your audio.
If someone really wants to copy it they can no matter what you do…it´s pretty easy to crack any protection, or indirectly make a decent copy via the sound card.

Make sure you clearly write “copyright” and the date and owner of the copyright on the disc! Then you are at least protected by law. :cop:

does that mean Audio cannot be copy protected unless it via the Glassmaster route?

No. If any copy protection is applied, that disc is no longer an audio CD.

they do all have copyright text marked clearly on them.

my client deals with a lot of chart music and with me duplicating copies before their release date he enquired if i could copy protect them, i was pretty sure it wasnt possible but i dont have an extensive knowledge of the copy protection available, i know its quite easy to do DVD-R’s with a video_ts file but was just investigating to see if anything was on the market for CD audio that i didnt know about, obviously not.

Thanks for your comments/help.

Copy protection is available…and helpful to stop the average person from duplicating your material…but radio stations are full of NOT average people.

I´m afraid you can´t do anything about it. The rule is, if you can hear it you can copy it. The only alternative is to use a compressed format, say MP3 at a low bit-rate. This will sound ok when broadcast to normal radio but like crap on good audio equipment.

One idea, assuming you only want to send the audio material to radio stations:
What about application of individual watermarks to the audio files? In that case it is possible to track the source in case the songs show up on the P2P networks.
Look here for a start:



Does that watermark have any effect on a cd-player or does it make the cd’s only usable for pc’s?
I’ve been reading about the watermark, but haven’t seen anything telling about this part.


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these Watermarks can’t be worse than the artifical errors introduced by some copy protection methods. The watermarks are expected to be inaudible. No idea if this statement is true or just marketing.


According to the first site you recomended, the watermark should be some frequency added to the sound track and a following key too.
This part will not be to difficult to do, though.

But the way I understand it, the track is only going to be played in programs, which is build to decode it first. Don’t know if any one else got the same idea as me?