Is there a command line to mount images in cloneCd Drive?

I have checked Elby’s site and the new owner of CloneCD, plus done a search on this forum, and have been unable to find any references to this.

I use Daemon Tools and Alcohol with command line to mount images with no problem.

Why? I hear you asking.

I wrote a “launcher” in Visual Basic a while ago for my kids to run their games and other apps with a single click on a 150x100 bitmap. It is easy to start other applications from VB, especially if they have a command line eg
"C:\Program Files\D-Tools\Deamon.exe -mount 0,“C:\CD Images\Name Of Image.cue”.
will mount a CD image into Daemon Tools, and the OS autorun takes over from there. As a number of people expressed an interest in the software, I thought I would expand it to allow other virtual drives to be used as well.