Is there a CD glossery somewhere?



There are so many terms and abbreviations.

Is there somewhere where I can lookup AWS, DAO, atip, mt. rainier, PQ, or any other term I would come across ?



Do not know of a ‘Dictionary’ of that kind, but I do know that you can find more information on abbreviations used by searching on this forum, provided that the abbreviations are at least 3 characters long.


Thanks Da_Taxman.

All I could come up with so far is a small glossery in the Nero manual. A search so far renders only the use of terms, not what they are. So I think I’ll just ask about one.

What does ATIP stand for?



“ATIP is an acronym for Absolute Time In Pregroove. It’s a pre-written section of the disc that specifies disc characteristics, including the number of blocks on the disc (which is determined by the length of the pre-formed groove on the disc, hence the name), and some information about the disc’s construction and manufacturer.”

Taken from
There you have lots of info regarding CD-R.


Thanks for refering me to the FAQ’s Airhead.

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Thank you Oz.!

Got it now in a permanent file.


How come my Nero manual with v.5.5.90 didn’t say all that? They put the “short form” glossery in mine.