Is there a cataloging software for DVDs ripped as .iso files

I’ve been ripping my DVDs as .iso files and watching them with VLC media player. There are three reasons for this. This way I can watch them on my eeePC, which doesn’t have an internal DVD drive, I don’t have to repeatedly buy blank DVDs, and it takes up less room to store.

I’ve been storing them in folders (Windows XP) named Musicals or Thrillers or Action and Adventure, etc. , and a folder with the name of the movie with the iso file and a text document with a little info typed up about the movie.

This is getting a bit cumbersome to sort through and figure out what I’ve watched and what I haven’t and what I want to watch next.

I know there is cataloging software for DVDs. I’ve used the search feature for this question but I don’t see mention of using cataloging software for iso files. I don’t see mention of it on the software websites either.

Is there a cataloging software that will catalog iso files? If someone could advise me, I would greatly appreciate it.


If you mount your .iso image files on a virtual drive (e.g. Daemon Tools or alcohol 52%, both of which are free) you can use any standard disc cataloging software. :slight_smile:

Ant Movie Catalog. You can even write a small script that will launch VLC with the movie. It doesn’t care if it’s an ISO or a DVD, it can still track the info for you.

I really don’t want to mess with virtual drives, if I don’t have to. That’s why I’m using VNL movie player.

I’ll give the Ant Movie Catalog a try. It sounds just like what I was hoping for.

Thank you olyteddy.