Is there a burner alive that likes Ritek D01 DL discs?

Hi, Not sure if this belongs here or in the dvd burner section but I just picked up a 25pk of Ritek D01 dual layer dics. I know that these discs are garbage but the pickings in my area have been very slim lately and Verbies have not been on sale in a long time. Is there a burner out there that will actually play nice with these discs? I have Benq 1650 and the results have not been inspiring. I am set up for a long time after scoring a cache of 8x dvd+r mij Sonys which burn flawlessly with my Benq but I’m looking to add another burner whose sole attribute is that it burns cheap DL media at least with acceptable results. Any opinions?


Maybe Pioneer DVR-112? It showed some really nice results with DLs, IIRC.

Apparently Ritek has such a burner. You might ask them. They probably won’t let you have it though because apparently it’s one of a kind :bigsmile:

If you check the media scans for Ritek DL it seems there are some decent burns from Lite-Ons. If I remember correctly HT & OHT work with DL media.

Well how bad are the scans? Are there any playback issues? Your BenQ may be burning them fine, can’t expect verbatim type stuff here lol.

I would go for either a Pioneer or a new liteon if you want a secondary scanning drive.

my samsung drives good at ritek d01’s and will over speed em :slight_smile:

ROTFL :bigsmile:

I checked the scans thread as well for that media, maybe a LiteOn LH-20A1x would do the job.

Marcus, i’m stuck with a few RITEKs that were given to me, and I’m using a Samsung drive (also have a DVR-111 and an older lite-on).

Can you post a scan of one of those Riteks burned with your sammy?

yeah sure ill post one later this evening :slight_smile:


Ritek is just a hit and miss, maybe you can get some good burns with the burners mentioned.
Be aware that Verbatim uses another technique - unlike all other DL manufacturers.

I just noticed the typo in the thread title. I’ll have to edit that or it’ll bug me :bigsmile:

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Ritek D01 is sold under the name of Memorex DVD+R DL, nothing I have likes them :frowning:

I had 2 of these discs, I burned one in a Pio 110D that played fine on my Samsung DVD player, and I burned the other on a Lite-on 165P6S and it had some trouble around the layer break. Neither one played on my family’s Panasonic DVD player and I ended up splitting the discs to 2 Verbatims instead (these were old home movies).

LOL!!! Well spotted Arachne :bigsmile:

Back on topic, RITEK D01 is pretty much poor whatever burner is used :stuck_out_tongue:

To the original poster, by now you’ve figured out the discs are garbage, but here is a suggestion: make sure you are using the LATEST firmware available for your drive, and use IMGBURN (in Build Mode).

That way if you have problems with your Ritek discs around the layer break, at least you will know it truly is the discs that are at fault, not the software.

Thanks for all the info. I know that the Memorex D01’s I have are trash but I figured at their price if I could find a drive that would actually write them with decent quality it may be worth the investment. Looking back through the reviews it seems that the LG H22N actually can produce ok results. I haven’t seen the Verbatim dvd+r dl on sale locally for a very long time.


My optiarc 7173 with firmware 1.02/1.03 simply hates them, and I’ve used 2 brands using that ritek d01 layer. Emtec and memorex 2.4x DL. It will finish the burn but verify will fail, and other drives can’t read some parts doing a scandisc. IIRC it would abort recording on Platinum 8x DL’s too, don’t know if they are ricoh media.

But the thing is, my older nec 3500 can record and pass a basic read verification with any of those ritek d01 2.4x and 8x discs, so I do my burns on it.

Get a REAL Plextor burner. They handle Ritek D01 better than any other brand drive which I have.

Now there is a shocker. :bigsmile:

Ah ****, I was too late in noticing DL, pffff sorry for this post, I guess when you buy dual layer stuff you should ignore poorer brands.

With single layer though riteks are usuallly burned good with pioneer.